Not to Be Too Graphic…

Not to be too graphic, but there are quite a few foodie infographics I want to share with you all. Thankfully today is Wednesday meaning I have WIAW to guide my post. Throughout I am going to share 3 fantastic infographic links that I have really enjoyed and my thoughts in purple!

The above is currently one of my favorite breakfast smoothies, if you can even call it a smoothie because it is more like custard. I blend 1/4 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/4 cup greek, frozen strawberries, and 1/2 tsp Xanthan gum. Then I spill in a boat load of frozen cranberries and stick it in the freezer while I go get ready for the day.

Infographic #1: Deceitful Isles

It is so easy to be fooled by the tricks at the grocery store. I like to think I am shopping savvy (although I really probably am not) so I loved the tips in this graphic!

You can never have enough pancakes. Recipe will come soon, because these were delicious!

Infographic#2: Meat Cuts

There are so many different cuts out there and it is so hard to know the characteristics of each. That is if meat cuts can possess characteristics. Since I was a vegetarian for almost a year I feel like this graphic was especially useful to catch up on info I had previously missed out on.

The above is dill greek yogurt dip. Very simple to make and I’m sure you have seen it a million times on other blogs. It is just greek yogurt, dried dill, garlic powder, and a dash of salt. Sometimes I squirt in some mustard for a flavour boost. Weird combo I know…which brings be to the last infographic:

Inforgraphic #3: Spices

Confession: I am a sporadic cooker. Since I don’t eat out very often (I am cheap) I don’t have good experience in what spices go with what food. Thus this table is perfect for one like me!

The above was an absolutely delicious alligator stew icecream style. More on that in a future post!


What is your favorite meat type/cut? Have you ever been fooled by some of those tricks in the grocery store? How do you learn about what spices go with what foods?

A Weekend Wouldn't be Complete Without…

So it had been awhile since I skipped a regular post, as I have stuck to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule like a fly sticks to sticky fly trap paper. But last Thursday night as I sat down to write my Friday post, the fly got unstuck from the trap and I decided to skip the post as I was more preoccupied with other things. Nothing outrageously exciting, but more exciting that forcing Freddy Fingers to type out a post I just didn’t have the motivation to write. Call it writers block, or food block, or picture block. I just needed a break. So break I did, but now I am ready to share with you a random compilation of thoughts about what my weekend needs to be complete:

A weekend would not be complete without a new foodie find.

Since mustard is one of my favorite dressing ingredients this new Wasabi mustard was not only delicious but a beautiful color. I love the shade of wasabi green!

Stub’s Wasabi Mustard.

A weekend would not be complete without some new foodie experiments.

Like sun-drying tomatoes…

Sun drying tomatoes

Just kidding! The fly’s would get to it, and I’m sure my method would be quite unsanitary. This just happened my accident when the cherry tomato (fresh from the garden) fell off my plate and I forgot to bring it inside. Thus it became sun dried.

A weekend would not be complete without something happening to Holly.

Like getting stung by a bee on the eye…

Holly’s Bee Sting

A weekend would not be complete without harvesting something from the garden.

It has been a great year for our cucumbers so far! The cherry tomatoes aren’t as plentiful as they were last summer, but they still have loads of green fruit on them, so I’ve just got to be patient.

This garden cucumber had a hole done the center

A weekend would not be complete without a fun info graphic find…

If you follow me on pinterest you may have noticed that I love info-graphics. Information and graphics are two of my favorite things (separately) so once they are combined it’s like magic! One I found this weekend was a tool that allows you to see which Olympic athlete best matches your body type. You can see it here. Although this may be triggering to some who struggle with comparison, I found it quite interesting and motivational to start trying to build muscle again!


What would your weekend not be complete without?

Have you harvested anything from your garden?

Do you like mustard? If so what is your favourite flavor? (I love horseradish mustard!)

Better Late Than Never

I am aware that we are already well into the first week of July, but I am still going to write about my July goals for this WIAW

Dance Once Per Week:

I don’t mean the usual dancing one does when they are happy or at a party, I mean dance classes. You may remember I went once last summer (which I loved) so now I want to get into the habbit of going. In all honesty on July 1st this goal was “go to ONE dance class”, but I went on the 2nd of July and loved it so the goal got altered.

Green Smoothie poured over fruit and puffed kamut, then drizzled with peanut flour sauce

Learn One new Piano song:

Usually my goals focus on health or fitness, but that shouldn’ t be te case at all. It has been ages since I have learned a new piano song, but I have always found it enjoyable and a satisfying accomplishment.

Veggies, cottage cheese/salsa mixture

Deepen a Friendship:

I am always inspired by Meg @ a dash of meg and the way she reaches out to others. Although I am introverted and renew my mind with alone time, I am beginning to realize that I am left unsatisfied if I get too much quiet time, and not enough social time. Thus, this month I am purposely going to enjoy the company of friends more.

A crumpet with tahini+peanut flour in-between with almonds

Help Out at Church:

I am finally starting to settle into my work routine, and would really like to help out with some of the youth events at my church. I’m making this a goal, because I know I may come up with excuses about why I shouldn’t volunteer if I don’t.

I bought some baba ganoush but was completely disappointed (I usually LOVE it!). It was way too sweet.

Stay on a Budget:

Being a student the past four years I didn’t really have a budget. Unless you count the “don’t spend anything unless you desperately need it” a budget. I’ve created a budget for myself so that I can enjoy some treats (a new nut butter? I think so!), while still savings some.

Mystery Snack: What do you think is inside? I will give you a hint: there is peanut butter on bread, with…

Get Fats from a larger variety of food:

I get around 40 grams of fat per day, so I’m not looking to necessarily increase that. However I get almost all my fats from either almonds, tahini, 100% unsweetened bakers chocolate, or coconut oil. This month I would like to purposely incorporate foods such as avocados, or new salad dressings to try and expand where I get my fats from.


What are your favourite sources of fats? What do you think the above mystery snack is? Do you like baba ganoush?

Some Things Never Disappoint

So apparently cucumber plants like super hot weather conditions. Why am I concluding this? Because the cucumber plants my mom planted are thriving.The tomatoes are a bit further along…I’m had many home grown tomatoes before but, that’s the first home grown cucumber I’ve ever eaten. The verdict: fresh off the vine plant veggies are spectacular! Crunchy (which you may remember I like), and not the least bit bitter. Some things never disappointWhen I first went to harvest the crop (I sound like a farmer) I was taken back because there were prickles on the cucumber. But fear not, mutant seeds were not planted in the garden. Apparentlysome cucumber varieties are supposed to have prickles.Since I didn’t want to scrape my esophagus (a logical wish) I scrubbed the cucumber like no tomorrow, and got it ready to dunk in a recent purchase:I was relatively stoked when I saw Edamame Dip at the store, but unfortunately I was terribly disappointed. The lemongrass flavor is really strong (and I usually love lemongrass flavored things) and the dip is quite sweet. So I ended up opting for garlic hummus instead.

Good old Hummus… some things never disappoint. You know what else never disappoints? Dixie Diner Nutlettes cereal. In previous posts I’ve referred to Nutlettes as  ‘soy cereal’ because well… that’s exactly what it is. It’s great for low prep breakfast combinations. Like the following:

Nutlettes, puffed millet, cocoa powder, almond breeze, cranberries, hemp hearts, peanut flour paste

Can you say yum? Don’t worry if you can’t I will say it for you. Yum. Once again…some things never disappoint
What are some of your things that never disappoint? Are you growing any veggies? What kind?