Insignificant Distractions

I had a hard time trying to decide if I should publish this post.

Once I finally decided that I would publish a post, I had an even harder time deciding how to start the post.

I’m sure you all realize what I am getting at: the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

My heart and prayers go out to all those affected, there is nothing more I can write because sometimes words are not enough. So although I am going to carry on with my post, I am NOT trying to brush what happened under the carpet. I am bluntly aware that what I will post about is highly insignificant compared to the devastation, however there are moments when insignificant distractions are appreciated.

Breakfast: Oatbran, yogurt, and strawberries. All mixed in a highly unattractive manner

Insignificant Distraction #1: 11 Lesser Known Names for Baby Animals 

The puggle is adorable, the ephyra are fascinating, and the leveret looks calming. If you have no idea what I mean than you may want to brush up on your baby animal names.

Lunch: Kamut Pasta, with ground beef tomato sauce, eggplants and on spinach. This was my first time trying kamut pasta. It tasted just like whole wheat pasta.

Insignificant Distraction #2: 3 Ingredient Homemade Facial Moisture

I’ve been curious about homemade beauty products lately and plan on trying to make my own homemade facial moisture. Feels like chemistry, but WAY more fun.

Insignificant Distraction #3: 20 Lessons from Toy Story

I learn the most from animated movies. Toy Story is no exception, so many significant lessons.

Partial Dinner: My attempted version of injera. I was attempting to make my plate look somewhat authentic, however now that I am looking at the photo it just looks like a meagre meal. Don’t worry folks there was more along side that.

Snack: A revised version of microwave cookies. Because sometimes recipes need changes, just as sometimes life needs changes. 


Did you know what an ephyra is? Have you ever made your own beauty products? Have you tried kamut pasta before?